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document January 9, 2018

NMFS Biological Opinion: EPA’s registration of pesticides containing chlorpyrifos, malathion, and diazinon

Excerpts from a report by National Marine Fisheries Service, finding that organophosphate pesticides jeopardize salmon survival and destroy their critical habitat.

Sockeye salmon make their way back up a river in the Pacific Northwest to spawn.
Press Release: Victory August 13, 2014

Obama Administration Finalizes Stronger Stream Buffers to Protect Imperiled Salmon from Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency today finalized an agreement to restore no-spray buffer zones around waterways to protect imperiled salmon and steelhead from five toxic pesticides. A coalition of conservation organizations, advocates for alternatives to pesticides, and fishing groups cheered the victory. These groups brought a lawsuit to demand reasonable fish protections from the insecticides, some…

Spawning salmon.
(gwb / Shutterstock)
Press Release June 4, 2014

Obama Administration Agrees to Stronger Protections for Salmon From Pesticides

Fishing and conservation groups praise stronger stream buffers from toxic sprays

feature September 9, 2013

Running on Empty: Fate of Salmon at Stake in Western Water Fight

Entire runs of salmon are losing out to a system of dams, pumps and diversions that take the flow of life from rivers along America’s West Coast.

document May 1, 2013


Sixty-Day Notice of Intent to Sue for Violations of the Endangered Species Act that impact survival and recovery of threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead.

Article April 26, 2012

Judge: Salmon-killing Dams Should Go

In a video interview, federal judge James A. Redden said four dams on the lower Snake River should go. As he explained, it’s easier to take the dams out than it was to put them in and the change is needed for salmon to survive.

Press Release January 26, 2011

Salmon and the State of the Union

Call to streamline government achievable by reversing damage to salmon rivers and streams

Sockeye salmon.
(Xuanlu Wang / Shutterstock)
case December 3, 2010

Challenge to EPA’s Failure to Protect Salmon from Pesticides

Earthjustice is representing the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, Defenders of Wildlife, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Northern California Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers, an organic farmer, and a commercial salmon fishermen in challenging the federal government’s failure to protect endangered and threatened salmon and steelhead…

document November 29, 2010

NCAP v. EPA Complaint

Press Release November 29, 2010

Fishing, Health and Conservation Groups Act to Protect Salmon from Pesticide Peril

EPA’s eight years of failure draws legal action

Press Release: Victory September 11, 2009

EPA Announces Alternative Plan to Protect Salmon from Pesticides

Additional limitations placed on the use of chlorpyrifos, diazinon and malathion

Press Release April 21, 2009

Federal Government Finds Three More Pesticides Harm Salmon

Prescribes mitigation measures

Press Release November 18, 2008

Federal Government Announces Plan to Protect Salmon from Pesticides

Plan promises cleaner water

Press Release July 30, 2008

Federal Fishery Service Agrees to Review Pesticide Harm to Salmon

Positive first step toward getting pesticides out of water

document November 5, 2007

List of Pesticides Harming Salmon

List of 37 active pesticides ingredients that the EPA determined are "likely to adversely affect" ("LAA") or "not likely to adversely affect" ("NLAA") 26 species of salmon