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document October 11, 2011

Ozone Lawsuit: Earthjustice vs. EPA

Article October 11, 2011

Yes, We're Suing the EPA

Yes, we did it. For the past month several reporters have been asking us about our litigation plans following the EPA’s scrapping of a stronger ozone standard Sept. 2 as directed by the White House. Today we represent the American Lung Association, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council and Appalachian Mountain Club in a…

Press Release October 6, 2011

Groups Challenge EPA for Clean Air Delays

Dozens of regions in the nation suffer dangerous levels of ozone

document August 8, 2011

Ozone Motion To Govern

Press Release August 8, 2011

Court Asked to Order Deadline for Action on Smog Standards

Lives and health of millions at stake, groups say

feature February 2, 2011

A Success Story, with Many Chapters Still to Come

The Clean Air Act has substantially improved the lives of millions of Americans. Polluting industries have fought progress every step of the way. To protect your right to breathe, Earthjustice is working to ensure polluting industries don’t stand in the way of clean air protections.

Article August 23, 2010

Monday Reads: The 9-Day-Traffic-Jam Edition

A notable episode of congestion reminds us of the cost of “convenience”

Press Release July 18, 2006

Code Red Air Quality Days in Washington DC Reinforces Need for Protections Against Harmful Air Pollution

EPA needs to strengthen, not weaken clean air protections across the country

Press Release May 13, 2005

EPA Acts on Smog Plans for Metro D.C.

Agency approves clean air plans from District and Virginia, rejects Maryland plan

case April 11, 2005

Smog in the Nation's Capital

The Environmental Protection Agency has repeatedly approved inadequate plans to impove air quality in the nation’s capital and Earthjustice has repeatedly filed suit to force the agency to obey the law. The agency — and the city — are stubborn, however, and the case goes on.

Press Release April 7, 2005

EPA Ordered to Act on Smog Plans for Nation's Capital

Agency must ensure adequate regional pollution controls

Press Release December 17, 2004

Metro DC and Baltimore Violate Soot Standards

Particulate matter has reached dangerous levels in the nation’s capital

Press Release December 15, 2004

Court Order Sought on DC Smog Plans

Deficient plans leave area residents breathing unhealthy air

Press Release February 3, 2004

Court Voids DC Smog Cleanup Delay

Anti-pollution plans for the Washington area fall short

Press Release November 20, 2003

Stronger Anti-Smog Measures Needed in Washington DC Area

Environmental advocates ask court to block EPA approval of inadequate cleanup plans

Press Release July 22, 2003

Environmentalists Testify Against Extending Clean Air Deadlines

House panel hears testimony over EPA’s “bump up” rules

Press Release June 23, 2003

Conservation Groups Ask Court to Speed Up Anti-Smog Measures in Washington DC Area

Redirecting funds toward mass transit could lead to cleaner air

Press Release May 27, 2003

Latest Plan to Clear DC Region's Air Falls Short

Draft plan inadequate to address ozone problem