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Press Release February 3, 2012

Federal Government Releases Prudent Plan Allowing Research for Speculative Oil Extraction Plan

Massive volumes of water and heat could be wasted to bake oil from rock

document February 17, 2011

Oil Shale Settlement

Oil shale development in Colorado's Piceance Basin. (Ecoflight)
case: Victory January 26, 2009

Stopping the Subsidization of Oil Shale in the American West

There are millions of tons of oil shale rock beneath the surface of lands in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah—rock that if heated long enough could someday extrude substances that could be refined into petroleum. Nevertheless, no process has ever succeeded in turning the rock into petroleum on a commercial basis, despite efforts that stretch back…

Press Release January 6, 2009

Groups Take on Last Minute Bush Oil Shale Rules

Development would be very costly to wildlife and natural areas