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document January 31, 2014

Homewood Expansion Settlement Agreement

Press Release January 31, 2014

Smaller Homewood Expansion Project Gets Okay from Conservation Groups

Ski resort project on the shore of Lake Tahoe scaled back after lawsuit

case January 7, 2013

Protecting Lake Tahoe from a Massive Ski Resort Expansion

Homewood Mountain Resort is a small, quaint, family-oriented ski facility located in a primarily residential community of rustic single-family homes tucked among tall trees. When real estate developers proposed to build hundreds of condominiums and hotel rooms along with a commercial center, local residents challenged the plan before the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) as…

Press Release: Victory January 7, 2013

Court Halts Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Expansion

Flawed environmental impact report had rejected a smaller Homewood development

document January 6, 2013

Homewood Expansion Decision

document January 5, 2012

Tahoe Homewood Complaint

Press Release January 5, 2012

Ski Resort Expansion Threatens Damage to Lake Tahoe

Local residents and Sierra Club ask judge to limit massive Homewood development