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Press Release October 25, 2012

Conservation Coalition Urges Canadian Government to Reject Tar Sands Mine Expansion

Endangered birds and threatened caribou victims of operations in the region

Article December 6, 2011

Which Page of the Times Do You Read?

Last Sunday, Dec. 4, the weekly review/opinion section of The New York Times carried a sober and sobering piece by Robert Semple, a Times editorial writer who seldom gets to sign his pieces. He wrote of the climate meetings taking place this week in Durban, South Africa, where no one seems to think much progress will…

Press Release September 21, 2011

Conservation Groups: Canada's Tar Sands Extraction Violates International Wildlife Treaties

Petition asks U.S. Interior Dept. to investigate Canada’s failure to protect threatened caribou and migratory birds

Article September 21, 2011

Protecting Caribou, Migratory Birds From Tar Sands

Earthjustice petitions to compel analysis of threat to wildlife

Tar sands in Alberta, Canada.
(Photo by Dru Oja Jay / Domion)
case September 10, 2009

Stopping The Alberta Clipper Tar Sands Pipeline

Alberta, Canada is the site of an environmental catastrophe. Tar sands mining has created toxic tailings ponds that can be seen from space and plans have been made to strip away forests and peat lands in an area the size of Florida. Tar sands oil is not conventional crude—it requires as much as four times…

Press Release September 3, 2009

Native & Green Groups Challenge State Dept. Permit for Dirty Oil Pipeline

‘Alberta Clipper’ would bring Canadian tar sands crude to U.S.

document September 2, 2009

Alberta Clipper Complaint

Press Release August 20, 2009

Native, Green Groups Oppose State Department Dirty Pipeline Permit

Court challenge is being prepared to overturn decision