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Press Release December 20, 2013

On 5th Anniversary of Coal Ash Spill, TVA Quietly Abandons A Promise

Plans to convert to safer coal ash disposal at all TVA power plants now seemingly in limbo

The Gallatin Fossil Plant is one of the largest sources of air and water pollution in Tennessee.
(Photo by Tennessee Valley Authority)
case April 25, 2013

Challenging A Retrofit Of The Aging Gallatin Coal Plant

The Gallatin Fossil Plant, near Nashville, TN, is a major polluter in the state that has sullied the region for five decades. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the plant’s owner, plans to spend more than one billion dollars to retrofit the decrepit facility. Public polling indicates local voters overwhelmingly oppose the project and favor cleaner…

document April 25, 2013

TVA Gallatin Complaint

Press Release April 25, 2013

Conservation Groups Challenge TVA’s Expensive Decision on Gallatin Plant

Environmental impacts of retrofitting aging coal facility not addressed

Press Release March 18, 2013

Endangered Mussels Win Reprieve But TVA Still Embracing Dangerous Coal Plant

Tennessee Valley Authority retrofits aging coal plant outside of Nashville