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case: Victory August 12, 2014

Ending the Use of Vinclozolin

In 1997, Earthjustice, working on behalf of a number of farmworker and environmental groups, challenged EPA’s authorization of the use of vinclozolin, a dangerous fungicide linked with serious birth defects and other health maladies. In 1997, Erik Nicholson, who worked for Pineros Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste, an Oregon farmworkers union, learned that workers were spraying…

Article: Victory July 18, 2014

End of Genitalia-Altering Pesticide

This story is proof that citizen oversight is key to enforcing our environmental laws and protecting people from untenable risks. The chemical companies and grower trade groups had EPA’s ear and it repeatedly bent to their will. But when the agency had to defend its action before judges, it realized it had to obey the law.

Article June 11, 2012

Better Living Through Chemistry…or Not

Earthjustice’s campaign to ban fungicide will protect future generations

document July 28, 2006

Background Information on Vinclozolin's Regulatory History and Human Health Concerns

Background on the regulatory history of the pesticide Vinclozolin and its effect on human health

Press Release September 20, 2002

EPA Reaches Settlement Regarding Controversial Pesticide

Use of dangerous pesticide on food crops will be reduced.