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Press Release December 18, 2013

Big Win for Clean Water: Clark County Agrees To Improve Salmon Habitat and Comply with Stormwater Pollution Laws

County agrees to comply with stormwater pollution laws, fund significant stream restoration in lieu of potential federal penalties

Press Release October 29, 2010

Washington Supreme Court Rejects Citizen Challenge to Law Favoring Sprawl

Court decision encourages development, water speculation

document February 18, 2010

Municipal Stormwater: 60 Day Notice

Press Release February 18, 2010

Clark County Washington Challenged for Weak Stormwater Controls

Clean water advocates put county on notice illegal loopholes must be closed

Press Release March 3, 2009

Washington Highways Polluting Puget Sound and Endangering Salmon

Puget Sound advocates seek stronger stormwater permit to meet clean water standards

document February 3, 2009

Puget Sound Stormwater Pollution Order

WA State Board calls for stronger stormwater controls

Press Release February 3, 2009

Washington State Board Calls for Stronger Stormwater Controls

Rejects second municipal stormwater permit as inadequate

document August 8, 2008

Stormwater Decision

Press Release: Victory August 8, 2008

Landmark Ruling Requires Aggressive Action to Protect Puget Sound from Stormwater

Hearings board rejects weaker requirements for municipal stormwater regulation

Press Release June 13, 2008

Washington Law Favoring Developers and Sprawl Overturned

State water law found unconstitutional

case September 5, 2003

Washington State Municipal Water Law

In 2003, the Washington State legislature passed the Municipal Water Law, which promoted irresponsible sprawl development beyond wise use of our water resources and ultimately at the expense of junior water rights holders and stream flows for fish. The law redefined “municipal water supplier” to include any private developer with connections for 15 or more…