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document December 29, 2016

Court Opinion: Snohomish County, et al. v. Pollution Control Hearings Ed., et al., 92805-3

In The Supreme Court of the State of Washington

Stormwater runoff, a toxic brew of rainwater that drains off streets, parking lots, and other hard surfaces, is a major source of pollution in Puget Sound, Washington.
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Press Release December 29, 2016

WA Supreme Court: Developers Can’t Evade Water Pollution Standards

State high court unanimously overturns Court of Appeals to find that state “vesting” law does not apply to clean water standards

document June 7, 2013

Order for Summary Judgment

Press Release: Victory June 7, 2013

Federal Judge Rules County's Polluted Runoff Standards Illegal

Taxpayer subsidy, fish-killing loopholes scrapped by judge as violations to clean water laws

Press Release: Victory September 26, 2012

WA Court of Appeals Rules County’s Plan to Manage Polluted Runoff Illegal

Taxpayer subsidy, fish-killing loopholes, scrapped by judges as violations to clean water laws

document December 29, 2011

Clark County Stormwater Ruling

Press Release December 29, 2011

Federal Judge Suspends County’s Inadequate Polluted Runoff Standards in Washington State

Injunction requires Clark County to shelve fish-killing loopholes in its development standards

Press Release October 20, 2011

Puget Sound Health Hinges on New Stormwater Plan

Current draft fails to deliver on green building solutions, contains developer loopholes

feature September 15, 2011

It Takes A Sleuth

Attorney Jan Hasselman stopped a coal scheme by mining industry documents. Read a Q&A interview with Jan, and learn about the coal industry’s plans for coal export facilities up and down the West Coast that would eventually export tens of millions of tons per year

document January 6, 2011

Stormwater Findings Conclusion

Press Release: Victory January 6, 2011

Appeals Board Rules Clark County Washington Development Standards Illegal

Taxpayer subsidy and fish-killing loopholes scrapped

feature October 20, 2010

Slamming the Brakes on Stormwater Pollution: Q&A with Earthjustice Attorney Jan Hasselman

Attorney Jan Hasselman talks about why cleaning up stormwater pollution in Washington State is crucial to preserving the livelihood of the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle drenched by an autumn storm. When storm water runs off parking lots, buildings, and other urban development, it carries with it a mix of toxic metals.
(Photo courtesy of Peter Mooney)
case: Victory October 5, 2010

Challenging Washington’s Building and Polluted Runoff Rules

Earthjustice represented three conservation organizations in asking the Washington State Pollution Control Hearings Board to throw out an agreement between Clark County and the Washington Department of Ecology in which the state authorized inadequate development standards that will generate illegal storm water pollution. Storm water—runoff from developed areas containing a toxic brew of metals, grease,…

Press Release September 28, 2010

Trial Begins Challenging Loopholes in Washington's Building and Polluted Runoff Rules

Outcome likely to have statewide importance