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Press Release: Victory July 6, 2012

Landmark Settlement Requires Feds to Revisit Plan for Coal-friendly Energy Corridors Across West

Feds urged to avoid sensitive lands, support renewable energy

Transmission lines.
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case July 21, 2009

Challenging the West-Wide Energy Corridors

In January 2009, on its way out the door, the Bush administration finalized a vast network of energy corridors that would have promoted coal-fired and other fossil-fuel power plants and trampled national parks, national monuments and other sensitive public lands. The West-wide energy corridors are approximately 6000 miles long and cover 3.2 million acres of…

document July 7, 2009

Energy Corridor Complaint

Press Release July 7, 2009

Coal-Friendly Bush Energy Corridor Plan Challenged

Transmission lines and towers should bring wind, solar energy to consumers