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A California spotted owl perches on a tree. (Rick Kuyper/USFWS)
From the Experts March 24, 2023

Protecting the Sierra Species

The California spotted owl is the last of four native Sierra Nevada species to receive Endangered Species Act protection in the culmination of a 30-year legal fight.

Caribou graze near fossil fuel pipelines in Alaska’s Western Arctic in the Lake Teshekpuk area. (Kiliii Yuyan for Earthjustice)
Article March 16, 2023

There’s a Biodiversity Crisis, and Oil and Gas Are Making It Worse

The web of life is in danger of collapsing, due in large part to climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction caused by the fossil fuel industry. We’re working to protect species from these threats.

A north Atlantic right whale swims with dolphins.
 (Allison Henry / NOAA)
Press Release February 27, 2023

Earthjustice Statement on RESCUE Whales Act of 2023

“Science-based decision making is the core of the Endangered Species Act and has been essential to bringing numerous species back from the brink of extinction.”

In the News: Hawaii Public Radio February 24, 2023

Can hydropower leave its plantation legacy behind on Kauaʻi?

Elena Bryant, Attorney, Mid-Pacific Regional Office, Earthjustice: “The type of legacy project KIUC and AES are proposing is exactly the type of action that should be subject to full environmental review through the preparation of an EIS.”

Rice's whale, photographed in the Gulf of Mexico. Rice's whales are members of the baleen whale family Balaenopteridae. With likely fewer than 100 individuals remaining, Rice's whales are one of the most endangered whales in the world. (NOAA)
Update February 22, 2023

Oil Companies are Blasting Seismic Air Guns in an Endangered Whale’s Habitat

With only about 50 Gulf of Mexico whales remaining, they are at critical risk if oil companies ramp up seismic oil exploration.

Press Release February 22, 2023

Groups Sue to Protect Sea Turtles, Sharks, Whales

Officials must assess fishing effects on dwindling Pacific species

Document February 22, 2023

5659 W. Pacific Longline BiOp Delay Complaint

Earthjustice filed suit on behalf of the Conservation Council for Hawai‘i and native Hawaiian cultural practitioner Mike Nakachi to protect a host of threatened and endangered Pacific ocean species from continuing harm.

A California spotted owl in the Stanislaus National Forest.
(Ryan Kalinowski / U.S. Forest Service)
Press Release: Victory February 22, 2023

California Spotted Owl Gets Endangered Species Act Protections After 23 Years

Agreement leads federal agency to implement some safeguards

Document February 22, 2023

California Spotted Owl Proposal

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it will protect the California spotted owl under the Endangered Species Act. The owls have seen their numbers dwindle because of logging and climate change, among other threats.

In a migration that takes at least four generations to complete, monarch butterflies make their way 2,500 miles across North America from Mexico to Canada. (Lisa Brown / CC BY-NC 2.0)
From the Experts February 6, 2023

Fighting on Behalf of the Species We Know and Love

There are many reasons that people connect with biodiversity. Here are mine.

Press Release February 2, 2023

Celebrating 50 Years of Endangered Species Act Success

Landmark law continues to save wildlife from extinction

Sockeye salmon race through the Alagnak River in Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed.
(Photo courtesy of Fish Eye Guy Photography)
Update: Victory January 31, 2023

A Huge Win for Alaska’s Salmon: EPA Says No to Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay

The decision is an important step in preserving Bristol Bay and its residents’ way of life.

Press Release: Victory January 31, 2023

EPA Issues Landmark Clean Water Act Decision Protecting Bristol Bay Watershed from Pebble Mine

EPA decision protects Bristol Bay waters from becoming a dumping ground for mine waste; effectively rebuffing the threat of Pebble Mine

Sockeye salmon race through the Alagnak River in Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed.
(Photo courtesy of Fish Eye Guy Photography)
feature January 31, 2023

Alaska’s Bristol Bay & The Pebble Mine

An open-pit mine threatened one of the last places on Earth where wild salmon still thrive. We will protect Bristol Bay, one of our world's surviving great ecosystems.

Press Release January 30, 2023

Lawsuit Seeks Lifesaving Protections for Montana’s Arctic Grayling

Big Hole River needs curbs to irrigation withdrawals for grayling to survive

Document January 30, 2023

Arctic Grayling Complaint

Conservationists sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeking protections for Montana’s Arctic grayling population under the Endangered Species Act. The parties — the Center for Biological Diversity, Western Watersheds Project and Butte resident Pat Munday — are represented by Earthjustice.

A lone wolf howls across hills and valleys in the upper Midwest. (Jerry & Barb Jividen / Getty Images)
Update January 27, 2023

A National Coalition Has a Plan for How Biden Can Make Major Conservation Progress in the Next Two Years

The America the Beautiful for All Coalition has put together key policy recommendations on how to make headway on the goal to preserve 30% of lands and waters as biodiversity crisis looms.

In the News: WUSF Public Media January 26, 2023

Conservation groups go into mediation with NOAA Fisheries over endangered Gulf species protections

Chris Eaton, Attorney, Oceans Program: “These agencies are basically pretending that another catastrophic oil spill cannot possibly occur, cannot possibly be a risk for the Gulf of Mexico. And we know that that risk is real, and they need to be paying attention to that.”