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Former Bad River Tribal Chairman Mike Wiggins Jr. at the Tribe's reservation in Wisconsin where Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline crosses.
(Jaida Grey Eagle for Earthjustice)
Press Release February 28, 2024

30 Tribal Nations Ask Biden Administration to Condemn Canadian Pipeline Trespass

Enbridge has earned over $1 billion by trespassing on the Bad River Band’s reservation.

Document February 27, 2024

Tribal Nations’ Letter to Biden Admin re Line 5 and Tribal Sovereignty

A letter from more than 30 Tribal Nations in the Great Lakes region sent to President Joe Biden urging the United States to speak out against the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline’s trespass on the Bad River Band’s land.

In the News: Fortune February 27, 2024

Texas Bitcoin miner sues feds over energy survey

Thom Cmar, Attorney, Clean Energy Program: “The EIA clearly has authority to collect this type of information from crypto miners, as it does from many other industries. The reporting burdens here are minimal, and this is information that the public has the right to know.”

North Antelope Rochelle Mine, Campbell County, Wyoming. (Ecoflight)
Press Release February 21, 2024

Ninth Circuit Decision Throws Out Coal Leasing Challenge

Northern Cheyenne Tribe and conservation groups urge Interior Department to act on coal

Document February 21, 2024

Ninth Circuit Coal Leasing Moratorium Decision

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a lawsuit from the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and conservation groups that had successfully reinstated the Obama-era coal leasing moratorium is moot.

In the News: Louisiana Record February 21, 2024

Louisiana environmental groups sue over EPA decision giving state agency authority over carbon-capture projects

James Yskamp, Attorney, Fossil Fuels Program: “All three of those groups alleged that Louisiana doesn’t have the expertise and resources to implement the program.”

In the News: Indianapolis Star February 20, 2024

EPA: Cancer risk from coal ash higher than previously revealed. Could it be in your yard?

Lisa Evans, Senior Counsel, Clean Energy Program: “Nothing prevents power plants from moving radioactive waste from their own backyards into the backyards and neighborhoods where American families live.”

In the News: Inside Climate News February 20, 2024

Enbridge Wants Line 5 Shutdown Order Overturned on Tribal Land in Northern Wisconsin

Debbie Chizewer, Managing Attorney, Midwest Office: “It would really limit the ability of state governments and tribal nations and others to protect the interests that have been widely accepted for many years. If you can’t protect your land from a trespass because of the oil pipelines, what’s the point of having your own land?”

The U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. (Architect of the Capitol)
Press Release February 15, 2024

Earthjustice Blasts Passage of House Bill to Undo President Biden’s LNG Pause

Building more LNG export infrastructure will lock us in to decades of fossil fuel reliance, perpetuate environmental injustices, and raise energy prices

Donaldsonville Primary School is located next to the CF Industries ammonia plant in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. CF Industries is planning a $200 million carbon capture operation at the facility.  (Bryan Tarnowski for Earthjustice)
Article February 14, 2024

Carbon Capture Is Giving a Second Life to Fossil Fuels – But It Doesn’t Have To

As carbon capture booms, communities in Louisiana are worried it will prolong the use of dirty fossil fuel plants.

In the News: Canary Media February 13, 2024

New York could rewrite its relationship to fossil gas with this bill

Liz Moran, Policy Advocate, Northeast Office: “The affordability provisions and the timelines for implementation are really important elements that the governor’s proposal left out. We still have a ways to go when it comes to negotiating the budget.”

In the News: Miami Herald February 13, 2024

Bill could boost Florida’s ‘renewable’ fuel industry. Critics say it will cost consumers

Bradley Marshall, Attorney, Florida Office: “That’s a recipe to make Florida the most expensive state in the nation.”

A large liquified natural gas transport ship sits docked in the Calcasieu River on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, near Cameron, Louisiana. (Jon Shapley / Houston Chronicle via Getty Images)
Press Release February 13, 2024

Climate and Environmental Groups Oppose Bill to Remove DOE Review of LNG Exports

Hamstringing DOE to expand LNG exports would exacerbate climate change, perpetuate environmental injustices, and raise energy prices

Document February 13, 2024

Sign-on Letter: Opposition to H.R. 7176 and Support for Biden Administration’s LNG Announcement

Earthjustice and more than 65 climate and environmental organizations expressed strong support for President Biden’s liquefied methane gas (otherwise known as liquefied natural gas, or LNG) export approval pause and urged Congress not to accelerate the expansion of LNG infrastructure.

Oil drilling infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico. (Brad Zweerink for Earthjustice)
Press Release February 12, 2024

Environmental and Gulf Groups React to API Lawsuit Against Interior Dept. Targeting Five-Year Offshore Leasing Program; Seek Stronger Protections for Gulf of Mexico

As the oil industry pursues a max-out strategy for fossil fuel development in the Gulf with a new legal challenge, advocates flag serious climate, public health, and environmental concerns

Document February 12, 2024

Legal Challenge: Five-Year Offshore Leasing Program

Environmental groups and Gulf-based organizations filed a legal challenge to hold the Interior Department accountable for failing to adequately consider the public health impacts on frontline communities in its final Five-Year Program.

In the News: PV Magazine February 12, 2024

Hawaii legislation seeks to undo “massive momentum killer” for rooftop solar

Isaac Moriwake, Managing Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office: “In my 15 years working with this Commission, this decision is the most drastic misstep I have seen — up there with slamming the curtain on net metering eight years ago, but with potentially more disastrous results.”

The Hillcrest neighborhood, near “Refinery Row” in Corpus Christi, TX. (Eddie Seal for Earthjustice)
Press Release February 12, 2024

Corpus Christi Civil Rights and Fair Housing Complaint Referred to U.S. Department of Justice

An important step towards justice for a historically Black neighborhood