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Press Release June 25, 2012

Conservation Groups Return to Court to Protect False Killer Whales in Hawai‘i

Longline fisheries continue killing whales at unsustainable levels

Press Release August 8, 2012

New Data Confirm Slaughter Of False Killer Whales In Hawaiian Longlines

Fisheries Service finds whales killed at unsustainable levels

Press Release January 19, 2010

Feds Move to Protect False Killer Whales

Steps taken to address Earthjustice lawsuit

Press Release: Victory October 16, 2012

Protecting False Killer Whales from Longline Fishing

The federal agency charged with protecting marine mammals settled a court case by pledging to finalize and implement protections for false killer whales by November 30, 2012. False killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens, which are actually large dolphins) have suffered unsustainable levels of death and serious injury in the Hawaiʻi-based longline fisheries. The National Marine Fisheries…

Article July 2, 2012

It’s True: Feds Must Protect False Killer Whales

If you were a false killer whale off the Hawaiian coast you’d probably be calling ocean 911 right about now on your underwater cell phone. You’d frantically shout: “Hurry, send help now! Us false killer whales are being killed by longline fishing hooks!” And the ocean 911 operator would respond: “We have been receiving a…

Press Release March 17, 2009

Conservation Groups Sue to Protect False Killer Whales in Hawai`i

Longline fishery killing whales at twice sustainable levels

Press Release November 19, 2003

Federal Fisheries Agency Sued for Failure to Protect Hawai`i's False Killer Whales from Longliners

Fishery needs more protective status

Press Release April 23, 2009

Fisheries Agency Releases Pictures of False Killer Whales Harmed by Longline Fishery

Photos released under Freedom on Information Act

Article April 10, 2009

Defending False Killer Whales from Commercial Fishing in Hawai'i

A new scientific study (pdf) paints a bleak picture for Hawai’i’s false killer whales. For nearly a decade, the National Marine Fisheries Service’s data(pdf) have shown the Hawai’i longline fishery is killing these rare marine mammals at rates far beyond what the population can sustain. The latest data show the number of false killer whales in…

Press Release August 10, 2004

Federal Fisheries Agency Acknowledges Hawai'i Longline Fleet's Toll on False Killer Whales

Reclassification comes after pressure from citizens’ lawsuit

False killer whale, snagged on a longline, becomes victim of commercial fishing.
(National Marine Fisheries Service Photo)
case March 17, 2009

Defending False Killer Whales From Longlines

In 2004, under pressure from an Earthjustice lawsuit, the National Marine Fisheries Service finally re-classified the Hawaiʻi-based longline fishery as “Category 1″—a designation for fisheries that annually kill and seriously harm marine mammals at unstainable rates—due to its excessive incidental take of Hawaiʻi’s false killer whales. According to the Marine Mammal Protection Act, this recategorization…

Press Release February 22, 2023

Groups Sue to Protect Sea Turtles, Sharks, Whales

Officials must assess fishing effects on dwindling Pacific species

Press Release March 6, 2013

Longlines Hook False Killer Whale, Threatening Hawai‘i Population

Conservation groups urge immediate implementation of protection plan

A whale and calf swim off the coast of Southern California, in an area where certain U.S. Navy activities will be limited under the settlement.
(John Calambokidis / Cascadia Research Collective)
Press Release: Victory September 14, 2015

Navy Agrees to Limit Underwater Assaults on Whales and Dolphins

Settlement will protect habitat for vulnerable marine mammal populations in Southern California and Hawai‘i

A pod of dolphins swim off the coast of Southern California.
(Photo courtesy of Loren Javier)
Press Release November 12, 2015

Navy Rethinks Pacific Training that Endangers Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Life

New environmental impact statement required for destructive sonar and explosives use

Grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park
(Neal Herbert / National Park Service)
feature January 1, 2016

The Endangered Species Act

A special report on Earthjustice's work in defending at-risk species and the ecosystems they depend on.

Article January 19, 2010

(After) Monday Reads: The Wholphin Edition

Ligers, tigons, prizzly bears! Oh my! Also: False killer whales

Press Release December 16, 2013

Whales & Dolphins: Lawsuit Seeks to Reduce Harm from Navy Sonar in Pacific

Millions of marine mammals face injury, death off Hawaiʻi, Southern California