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Fisherman Gary Libby checks his lobster trap.
(Raviya Ismail / Earthjustice)
feature September 1, 2010

Port Clyde: A Way of Life Revived

Fishermen in Port Clyde, Maine, are modeling a standard that allows them to continue their fishing tradition, while also allowing the fish stocks to rebound.

The National Marine Fisheries Service has finalized a rule that will protect dozens of species of small fish and squid that are an important part of the food chain for seabirds, whales and bigger fish.
(Guillaume Tunzini/iStock)
Article April 15, 2016

Ask First, Fish Later

Protecting tiny forage fish is good for the ecosystem and the economy.

Article June 22, 2012

Victories For East Coast Forage Fish

A special thank you goes out to the thousands of Earthjustice supporters who took action over the last few months by writing to the fishery management councils. Your voices made a huge difference.

An industrial shellfish dredge boat with a trailing plume of churned-up sediment in Oyster Bay Harbor, which includes portions of the Congressman Lester Wolff Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  (Eric Gulbransen / North Oyster Bay Baymen’s Association)
Press Release April 26, 2023

Shellfish Harvesters and Conservationists Challenge U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Refusal to Oversee Industrial Shellfish Dredging in Long Island Refuge

Lawsuit takes aim at agency’s long-term failure to examine whether industrial shellfish dredging conflicts with Refuge’s wildlife-protection purposes

Humpback whale lunge feeding in an anchovy-rich cove, off the coast of Santa Cruz, Calif.
(David Gomez / Getty Images)
Article July 26, 2021

Congress Considering Revamp of Nation’s Key Fisheries Law

The climate crisis is changing oceans, our laws must address that

Press Release November 20, 2000


Federal District Court Judge Samuel King has issued a ruling declaring that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is also illegally failing to protect the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal from the impacts of two other local fisheries, the lobster fishery and the portion of the bottomfish fishery operating in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Press Release April 15, 2009

Groups Sue National Marine Fisheries Service to Protect Sea Turtles

Seek emergency action to correct violation of Endangered Species Act

Press Release August 30, 2004

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Illegal Killing of Albatross and Sea Turtles by Swordfish Longline Fishery in Hawai`i

Groups seek injunction until NMFS complies with law

An oceanic whitetip shark, Carcharhinus longimanus, swims in the waters off Hawaii. (Kaikea Nakachi)
From the Experts July 26, 2022

We’re Showing Sharks Some Legal Love

As part of our work to preserve biodiversity, Earthjustice has mounted a series of legal challenges to protect vulnerable shark species from industrial fishing.

Press Release October 11, 2013

Clean Water Advocates, Commercial Fishermen File Suit to Protect Public Health from Toxic Pollution

Fish consumption rates underestimate risk to people—must be updated

Press Release June 1, 1998

Conservation Groups File Suit Against National Marine Fisheries Service

Coalition of coastal residents, fishermen and environmentalists files lawsuit against the federal government for failing to prevent overfishing and reduce waste in our nation’s fisheries.

Press Release July 6, 2011

Court Finds the National Marine Fisheries Service Violated the Law and Must Take New Action to Protect Threatened Sea Turtles After Gulf Oil Spill

Ruling requires a new biological opinion and analysis of environmental impacts of bottom longline fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Press Release April 29, 2009

Emergency Action Taken for Threatened and Endangered Sea Turtles

Six-month closure ordered of Gulf of Mexico fishery

The fisher is closely related to but larger than the American Marten.
(Bethany Weeks / USFWS CC BY 3.0)
Press Release June 13, 2016

Lawsuit Initiated Over Politically Motivated Decision Denying Protection to Pacific Fishers

Rare carnivore has been reduced to two populations in California, Oregon

A small blade of grass in the corner of her mouth, this young grizzly takes a break from grazing to survey the meadow along Pilgrim Creek.
(Thomas D. Mangelsen)
feature May 12, 2021

Wildlife We’re Fighting For

Meet 16 of the hundreds of species Earthjustice has gone to court to protect.

Press Release July 23, 2013

Clean Water Advocates Push EPA on Washington State’s Toxic Fish Consumption Rules

Public health endangered—fish consumption rates underestimate risk to people

Article August 3, 2010

New Fishing Business Revives Old Way of Life

Port Clyde Fishermen Use Sustainable Methods, Cut out the Middlemen

Anchovies have been overfished for many years. The National Marine Fisheries Service recently issued a rule that establishes an unchanging catch limit that does not prevent the overfishing of this essential food source that is so critical to supporting a healthy ocean food web.
(evantravels / Getty Images)
Press Release July 1, 2019

Oceana Sues Feds for Failure to Prevent Overfishing of Ocean’s Tiny Fish

Lawsuit seeks to ensure abundant anchovy populations needed to feed ocean wildlife