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Press Release May 19, 2023

Air Quality Control Commission, State Fail Disproportionately Impacted Communities on Permitting Rule

Rule allows polluters to request that any monitoring requirements end after two years

Press Release April 20, 2023

Groups Voice Support for Amended Ozone Bill, Reiterate Need for Permitting Reform

Amended bill would define cumulative impacts and strengthen air quality enforcement process

Press Release April 10, 2023

Protecting Communities From Air Pollution Act to Tackle Colorado’s Ozone Problem

Representatives Bacon and Willford’s bill aims to improve air quality permitting and enforcement

Sharon Lavigne (left) joins in a moment of prayer at a community meeting in 2019. Lavigne founded RISE St. James to expose and eliminate unchecked industrial pollution in the southern Louisiana region commonly known as Cancer Alley.
(Alejandro Dávila Fragoso / Earthjustice)
Article February 2, 2023

How 600 Years of Environmental Violence Is Still Harming Black Communities

The first transatlantic voyages were only the beginning.

Press Release December 16, 2022

Air Quality Control Commission Adopts State’s Inadequate Ozone Proposal

Community advocates demand meaningful action to address ozone pollution

Press Release December 14, 2022

Legal Complaint: Signal Peak Energy Coal Mine Has Damaged and Destroyed Bull Mountains Water Sources

Groups demand federal agencies enforce laws to protect area and landowners from criminally-convicted corporation

Candace Jackson-Akiwumi greets senators after being nominated in 2021 to be a U.S. Circuit Judge for the Seventh Circuit.
(Kevin Lamarque / Pool via Getty Images)
Update November 18, 2022

How the 2022 Election Results Will Make the Courts Better

Over the last two years, the Biden administration has made real progress in rebalancing the courts and getting more diverse and experienced judges confirmed in the Senate. That should continue as the Senate remains in Democratic hands.

Document November 17, 2022

Prehearing Statement on CO Ozone State Implementation Plan

GreenLatinos, Womxn from the Mountain, Healthy Air and Water Colorado, and Madhvi4EcoEthics have raised significant concerns with the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division’s draft Moderate/Severe Ozone State Implementation Plan (draft SIP).

Press Release November 1, 2022

Groups Intervene To Maintain Fenceline Monitoring Requirements for Suncor Refinery

Intervention seeks to protect Suncor's strengthened monitoring plan and Fenceline Monitoring Law itself

Press Release November 1, 2022

Grupos Intervienen Para Mantener Los Requisitos De Monitoreo De Alambrado Para La Refinería De Suncor

La intervención busca proteger tanto el plan de monitoreo reforzado para Suncor, como la propia Ley de Monitoreo de Alambrado

Press Release October 17, 2022

Groups Ask Court to Determine Municipal Zoning Authority for Laurel Methane Gas Plant

Legal action seeks to clarify local authority for land under NorthWestern’s methane gas plant near Laurel

Document October 17, 2022

Complaint for Declaratory Relief – NorthWestern Methane Gas Plant

Community and environmental groups have asked a court to clarify the municipal zoning authority for NorthWestern Energy’s proposed methane gas-fired power plant near Laurel, MT.

Press Release October 11, 2022

Groups, Community Members Petition for EPA Objection to Suncor East Plant Air Permit

Petition argues that Suncor has shown it is incapable of consistently complying with emission limits

Document October 11, 2022

Suncor East Plant Petition to EPA

Community and environmental groups have filed a petition asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to object to the Title V air permit for Suncor’s East Plant in Commerce City.

From the Experts September 15, 2022

It's Time to End Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP)

We need a federal anti-SLAPP statute to safeguard first amendment rights and ensure access to justice.

Press Release September 15, 2022

Earthjustice Praises Introduction of Federal Anti-SLAPP Legislation

SLAPP suits are baseless lawsuits used by the wealthy and powerful corporations to silence dissent and often target journalists, activists, protesters, and others speaking in public forums from exercising their first amendment rights.

Press Release June 13, 2022

Ahead of the West Virginia v. EPA Decision, Five Leading Environmental Organizations Urge the Senate to Discharge and Swiftly Confirm Judicial Nominees Nancy Abudu and Dale Ho

Both nominations received tied votes in the Senate Judiciary Committee, thus needing to be discharged in order to move forward.

Press Release May 25, 2022

Earthjustice Celebrates Nomination of Rachel Bloomekatz to the U.S. Court of Appeals 6th Circuit

Bloomekatz has a long history of public service and is the first public interest environmental lawyer nominated to the federal bench