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document April 11, 2024

Citizen Petition under TSCA Section 21 to Regulate PFOA, PFNA, and PFDA Manufactured During Plastic Fluorination

The petition asks EPA to regulate PFAS created that leach from more than 100 million fluorinated plastic containers into household products and the environment.

document April 11, 2024

CP2 LNG Export Facility Coastal Use Permit Petition

Earthjustice petition to review Louisiana Department of Natural Resources approval of Venture Global’s coastal use permits for the proposed CP2 LNG export facility,

document April 11, 2024

CP2 LNG Gas Pipeline Coastal Use Permit Petition

Earthjustice petition to review Louisiana Department of Natural Resources approval of Venture Global’s coastal use permits for the proposed CP2 gas pipeline.

document April 11, 2024

Line 5 Tunnel Challenge: Tribal Brief

A brief submitted by four Tribal Nations asking the Michigan Court of Appeals to overturn the Michigan Public Service Commission鈥檚 (MPSC鈥檚) recent approval for Canadian oil giant Enbridge to build the Line 5 tunnel project beneath the Straits of Mackinac.

document April 5, 2024

Suncor Water Permit Appeal

Conservation and environmental justice groups filed an administrative appeal challenging aspects of the Suncor refinery鈥檚 Clean Water Act discharge permit.

document April 4, 2024

Monterey Fumigant Petition

Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers, Safe Ag Safe Schools, Center for Farmworker Families, Monterey Bay Central Labor Council, and Californians for Pesticide Reform petition for judicial review of six permits allowing the use of highly toxic, restricted pesticides near three schools in the Pajaro Valley area of Monterey County.

document March 28, 2024

Communities intervene to defend national air quality standards from industry attacks

Health, environmental, and community organizations, represented by Earthjustice and Clean Air Task Force, filed to intervene in support of the Environmental Protection Agency鈥檚 (EPA) recent strengthening of an air standard for fine particulate matter pollution, finalized in February. This landmark standard is designed to protect public health and would address environmental injustices but is being challenged in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit by major trade associations and 25 states.

document March 27, 2024

Sign-on Letter: EPA LMWC March 2024

. It has been over thirty years since Congress told EPA to protect the public from the harms of this incinerator pollution, and environmental justice communities are still waiting for those protections. EPA has committed to advancing equitable outcomes in environmental justice communities and building meaningful engagement with these communities. The time to deliver on those commitments is now.

document March 27, 2024

EPA Comments: LMWC Proposed Rule March 2024

EPA鈥檚 proposed revisions to its LMWC Standards come over thirty years after Congress told EPA to protect the public from the harms of incinerator pollution. The Proposed Rule is a welcome, if overdue, step in the right direction towards achieving Congress鈥檚 mandate.

document March 26, 2024

EPA Comments: Slaughterhouse Clean Water Act Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for MPP Point Source Category

Inadequately controlled water pollution from slaughterhouses and rendering facilities can make water unsafe for drinking, unfit for outdoor recreation, and uninhabitable for aquatic life, posing serious risks to human health and the environment, especially in vulnerable and under-resourced communities. After more than two decades, EPA finally has begun the process of strengthening water pollution control standards for these facilities, and the Agency now proposes to adopt the weakest of three regulatory options. EPA鈥檚 preferred option is inconsistent with the CWA and other federal laws.

document March 25, 2024

45V Public Hearing Testimony

Testimony from Auburn Bell, Legislative Representative for Earthjustice, during U.S. Department of Treasury鈥檚 public hearing on proposed regulations for section 45V Credit for Production of Clean Hydrogen on March 25, 2024.

document March 22, 2024

Wyoming Lease Sale Summary Judgment Order

A federal court ruled that the Bureau of Land Management鈥檚 decision to lease nearly 120,000 acres of federal land for oil and gas development in June 2022 violated the law.

document March 21, 2024

Fact Sheet: Protecting Communities and Building a Sustainable American Steel Industry

The EPA鈥檚 finalized rule will yield billions of dollars in public health benefits for nearby environmental justice communities, who are overexposed to toxic pollution.

document March 20, 2024

Montana CREPs Decision

The Montana Supreme Court has ruled NorthWestern Energy鈥檚 hostile approach to clean energy was a violation of the law. The Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) followed NorthWestern鈥檚 lead and allowed the company to ignore a requirement for the utility to invest in Montana communities by purchasing renewable energy from small community-based projects. The penalty for this violation will provide much-needed revenue to Low-Income and Tribal Energy Assistance programs.

document March 19, 2024

Idaho Wolf Trapping Order

A summary judgment ruling in Idaho District Court will prevent the state of Idaho from authorizing wolf trapping and snaring in grizzly bear habitat during non-denning periods.

document March 19, 2024

Justicia Demorada: La Lucha para Justicia Ambiental y la Renovaci贸n de Permiso de Phibro-tech

Al negar la renovaci贸n de permiso a Phibro-Tech, DTSC puede comprobar a residentes de Los Nietos y a todos los Californianos, que el departamento est谩 dispuesta a tomar la guarda cr铆ticamente en contra de la contaminaci贸n t贸xica de industrias.

document March 19, 2024

Justice Delayed: The Fight for Environmental Justice and Phibro-Tech鈥檚 Permit Renewal

By denying Phibro-Tech鈥檚 permit renewal, the Department of Toxic Substances Control can prove to Los Nietos residents, and all Californians, that the department is a critical safeguard against industry鈥檚 toxic contamination.

document March 18, 2024

RISE St. James Application to Louisiana Supreme Court

Community and environmental groups filed an application asking the Louisiana Supreme Court to grant review and overturn legal errors in an appeals court decision that upheld the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality鈥檚 decision to issue air permits for Formosa Plastics鈥 massive petrochemical complex in St. James Parish.