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document September 12, 2022

Mining Coaltion Side-deal opposition letter

Groups oppose mining provisions in side deal.

document September 9, 2022

CP2 Gas Pipeline Coastal Use Permit Comments to LDNR

Earthjustice comments urging Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to deny Venture Global’s coastal use permits for the proposed CP2 gas pipeline, submitted in September 2022.

document September 9, 2022

Solonex Case Opinion

A federal District Court in Washington, D.C. has reinstated a canceled energy lease and drilling permit in Montana’s famed Badger-Two Medicine region, prolonging the threat of industrialization across Blackfeet Nation sacred lands.

document September 8, 2022

NYC Last-Mile Warehouse Text Amendment: Special Permit Requirements

The Last-Mile Coalition, a city-wide coalition of environmental justice and public health advocates, called on the New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) to adopt a proposed Zoning Resolution Text Amendment to mitigate the explosive growth, disproportionately concentrated in already overburdened low-income communities of color, of last-mile trucking facilities — warehouses where packages are sorted and sent out for distribution — and the resulting air pollution, traffic congestion and unsafe streets.

document September 8, 2022

NYC Last-Mile Warehouse Special Permit Requirements: Description of Proposal

The operations and impacts of last-mile warehouses — which receive a high volume of goods and sort them for direct delivery to consumers — are fundamentally different in scale from traditional warehouse uses due to the high volume of product loading and unloading and product flow velocity, involving a massive increase in truck trips to and from the facility compared to traditional warehouses. However, the Zoning Resolution does not distinguish between last-mile and traditional warehouses. Amending the text of the Zoning Resolution to require special permits for last-mile warehouses would provide opportunities for the City to plan for the
expansion of this new industry, prevent clustering of facilities and undue road congestion, and mitigate the negative impacts of last-mile warehouses.

document September 8, 2022

BLM Violates Federal Law in Issuing Oil and Gas Drilling Permits on Public Land in CA

Letter re: the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) failure to comply with federal law in issuing oil and gas drilling permits on public land in California to officials of BLM, Department of the Interior, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

document September 8, 2022

Comments on Applications for Permit to Drill in the BLM Bakersfield Field Office

Full submission comments on applications for permit to drill in the Bakersfield Field Office.

document September 8, 2022

Last Mile Coalition: Zoning Text Amendment for E-Commerce Fact Sheet

Community advocates from the Last-Mile Coalition are proposing a way to regulate e-commerce facilities and keep our communities safer and healthier

document September 7, 2022

EES Coke Motion to Intervene

Motion to intervene in the Environmental Protection Agency’s federal lawsuit against EES Coke.

document September 6, 2022

Comments: Proposed Environmental Justice Rules, DEP Docket No. 04-22-04

The New Jersey Environmental Justice (EJ) Law can be the most protective environmental justice law in the nation if the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection prioritizes the health of residents in overburdened communities. The Department must evolve and ensure this EJ Law protects residents from all environmental injustices within the state. New Jersey can achieve actual reductions of pollution in EJ communities by denying any new permits in already overburdened communities.

document September 6, 2022

Sign On Letter Opposing API-Labeled Permitting Bill

In September 2022, more than 100 environmental justice and conservation groups urged Congressional leaders to reject the API-labeled federal permitting bill and instead pass the Environmental Justice For All Act.

document September 6, 2022

Joint Status Report on Matagorda Bay Dredging Lawsuit

Proposed schedule for the court to hear challenges to the Matagorda Shipping Channel dredging project.

document September 6, 2022

Final Settlement Agreement – Montana, Dakotas Leasing

Conservation groups and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have reached a settlement agreement that will prevent new oil and gas drilling on 58,000 acres of public lands in Montana and the Dakotas pending a new analysis of its potential harm to groundwater and the climate.

document September 2, 2022

Metro Ethics Committee Memo Conflict of Interest September 2022

Ethics Committee decision re: Metro board member Matt Letourneau’s conflict of interest

document August 31, 2022

Amicus Brief Against Exxon in Baytown, TX

Amicus on behalf of Air Alliance Houston

document August 31, 2022

Court Opinion on Appeal Against Exxon

Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Exxon for the third time and upheld a record $14.25 million civil penalty in one of the longest-running environmental enforcement suits ever brought under the federal Clean Air Act.

document August 30, 2022

2018 Gulf Lease Sale Appeal

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rules that the Trump administration unlawfully auctioned off millions of acres to oil companies in two 2018 Gulf of Mexico lease sales. Reversing a lower court’s decision, the appellate court held that the federal officials arbitrarily relied on inadequate environmental analyses of the sales’ effects and relied on incorrect assumptions about the sufficiency of safety regulations, violating a bedrock environmental law.

document August 29, 2022

Erie Bayfront Parkway Case: Motion for Preliminary Injunction

In light of PennDOT’s plan to begin construction during active lawsuit, Earthjustice and clients ask court for a motion for preliminary injunction calling for a pause.