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document November 17, 2021

EPA’s Reconsideration of Nov. 30, 2020 Letter Re: Applicability of 2008 Clean Water Act Section 404(c) Final Determination for Yazoo Pumps Project to 2020 Yazoo Pumps Project

EPA’s Reconsideration of its November 30, 2020 Letter Regarding the Applicability of its 2008 Clean Water Act Section 404(c) Final Determination for the Yazoo Pumps Project to the 2020 Yazoo Pumps Project

document November 17, 2021

Joint Comments to NY DEC: Adopt ACT Rule

Environmental groups, health professionals, labor organizations, transportation and environmental justice advocates urge the NY Department of Environmental Conservation to adopt the Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) Rule. The ACT rule is technically feasible and cost-effective today, and critical for protecting public health, addressing climate change, and developing New York’s clean energy economy. Further, adoption of the ACT rule is a crucial policy to achieve the state’s climate goals, codified in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (“CLCPA”), and was a recommendation from the Transportation Advisory Panel to the Climate Action Council as a way to reduce emissions from the transportation sector.

document November 17, 2021

SoCalGas: The Role of Clean Fuels and Gas Infrastructure in Achieving California's Net Zero Climate Goal — Technical appendices

These technical appendices provide additional detail to support the “The Role of Clean Fuels and Gas Infrastructure in Achieving California’s Net Zero Climate Goal” white paper. The following chapters outline the methodology and key assumptions in regard to (A) the economy-wide decarbonization scenario modeling and (B) clean fuels infrastructure implications and costs.

document November 17, 2021

Organophosphate Petition

Earthjustice filed a petition along with a coalition of 10 health, community, and farmworker groups, filed a petition asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban neurotoxic organophosphate pesticides, which are prevalent in our food and water, and endanger farmworkers and their families. The EPA recently banned all food uses of chlorpyrifos, the most well-known organophosphate pesticide, but only one among a dangerous pesticide group. Chlorpyrifos is just one of over a dozen organophosphates the agency reauthorized for use in agricultural fields, even though they are acutely neurotoxic — meaning that people who are exposed at high doses over a brief period can experience severe neurological symptoms — and are linked to neurodevelopmental harm to fetuses and infants.

document November 15, 2021

President Biden Lease Sale Letter

Call to action telling the Biden administration to overhaul the federal fossil fuel program and end new fossil fuel leasing.

document November 15, 2021

Joint Comments: 25 Groups Response to IPPNY Petition

Rapidly accelerating the development of renewable energy in New York, including offshore wind, and ensuring that New York’s clean energy is deliverable into New York City are critical near-term priorities to meet the CLCPA’s 2030 deadline.

document November 10, 2021

Complaint For Declaratory Relief to Montana DEQ

This action challenges the failure of the Director of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality and DEQ to enforce the “bad actor” provisions of Montana’s Metal Mine Reclamation Act (MMRA) and uphold the inalienable protections of Montana’s Constitution to prevent unlawful mining by a former top corporate leader of the notorious Pegasus Gold companies.

document November 10, 2021

Letter to DOE: Hurtado Appointment – Puerto Rico LUMA

Letter to the Department of Energy (DOE) urging the reconsideration of the decision to appoint Mario Hurtado, chief regulatory officer for LUMA Energy, as a member of the DOE’s Electricity Advisory Committee.

document November 10, 2021

Letter to House Natural Resources Committee: Puerto Rico – LUMA

Letter to House Natural Resources Committee urging continued urgent attention to the conduct of LUMA Energy in Puerto Rico.

document November 9, 2021

Vestiges of Environmental Racism

Closing California’s Last Two Municipal Waste Incinerators. This report is presented by Earthjustice’s Community Partnerships Program in partnership with East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice and Valley Improvement Projects.

document November 3, 2021

South Coast Air Quality Management District Refinery Rule Fact Sheet

The Refinery Rule (or Proposed Rule 1109.1) will require refineries and related facilities to finally install pollution control equipment that reduces harmful air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), in communities already overburdened by toxic emissions.

document October 29, 2021

New York: Advanced Clean Trucks Rule Fact Sheet

The Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) rule is one of the single most important actions New York can take today to simultaneously address the climate crisis — which is impacting New Yorkers today more than ever — and the legacy of environmental injustice that disproportionately exposes New Yorkers of color to the health harms from vehicular and other forms of pollution.

document October 28, 2021

Build Back Better Fact Sheet

This framework will guide the drafting of legislative language. When enacted, this framework will set the United States on course to meet its climate goals, create millions of good-paying jobs, enable more Americans to join and remain in the labor force, and grow our economy from the bottom up and the middle out. 

document October 28, 2021

Build Back Better Framework

The Build Back Better Act will create millions of good-paying jobs, enable more Americans to join and remain in the labor force, spur long-term growth, reduce price pressures, and set the United States on course to meet its clean energy ambitions.

document October 28, 2021

EPA's draft lead strategy

Public Comment Draft: EPA Strategy to Reduce Lead Exposures and Disparities in U.S. Communities

document October 27, 2021

Mandamus Petition CORR 10th Circuit Mountaineer Storage Hub Gas

Relators seek a writ of mandamus to compel Respondents, officers within the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (“ODNR”), to vacate, invalidate, or otherwise cancel the three drilling permits that Respondents issued to Powhatan Salt Company to drill new solution mining wells in Salem Township, Monroe County, Ohio.

document October 26, 2021

2021 Audited Financials

Report of independent auditors and financial statements

document October 21, 2021

Order Denying Motion for Reconsideration: First Application of Supreme Court’s Maui Test, Court Reaffirms Protection for Nation’s Waters

Hawai‘i Federal Court Rejects Request to Reconsider Decision that Lahaina Injection Wells Require Clean Water Act Permit