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Earthjustice Statement on Massive Pollution Flowing From Mosaic Phosphate Mining Into Sinkhole & Groundwater

“These phosphate companies are playing roulette with our public waters.”
September 16, 2016
Miami, FL —

Statement by Tania Galloni, Managing Attorney for the Florida Office of Earthjustice:

Location of Mulberry, Florida.
The massive sinkhole is located at a Mosaic Co. facility in Mulberry, about 30 miles east of Tampa.

“I wish we could say that watching an environmental tragedy unfolding at a Florida phosphate mining site was a new occurrence, but sadly it’s happened repeatedly.

“These phosphate companies are playing roulette with our public waters. They cause devastation so severe that the scars can be seen clearly from space.

“Earthjustice has been trying to clean up the phosphate industry’s act for many years. We’ve represented citizens and groups like the Sierra Club and Manasota-88 who want their water protected.

“Our public rivers, lakes, streams, and coastal waters pay the price for these corporate strip mines, year after year.”


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