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Earthjustice Condemns President Trump’s Presidential Memorandum on Keystone XL and Dakota Access Oil Pipelines

Trump’s action is legally questionable, anti-democratic, ethically suspect
Flags fly at the Sacred Stone Camp, Cannonball, North Dakota.

Flags fly at the Sacred Stone Camp, Cannonball, North Dakota.

Overpass Light Brigade / CC BY-NC 2.0
January 24, 2017
San Francisco, CA —

The following is a statement from Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen in response to President Donald Trump’s Presidential Memorandum today on the controversial and much-criticized Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines:

“Earthjustice is honored to represent the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in court as it seeks to protect its people’s sacred lands and water from the Dakota Access pipeline. We are shocked and dismayed by today’s news because it puts water for millions at risk.

“Four days after taking the oath of office, and three days after millions across the country and world marched in protest of his administration, President Trump appears to be ignoring the law, public sentiment and ethical considerations with this presidential memorandum aimed at resurrecting the long-rejected Keystone XL pipeline and circumventing the ongoing environmental review process for the highly controversial Dakota Access pipeline.

“This move is legally questionable, at best. And based on what we know about Trump’s financial dealings  in the Dakota Access pipeline, it raises serious ethical concerns. In the case of the Dakota Access pipeline, Trump’s actions are an affront to the Tribe and its Treaty rights especially since once again the tribes were not consulted before this action was taken.

“He should brace himself to contend with the laws he is flouting, and the millions of Americans who are opposed to these dangerous and destructive projects. We will see his administration in court.”

Read the FAQ on the Standing Rock Litigation, Timeline, and Key Legal Documents

Read the White House document: "Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline"


Phillip Ellis, Senior Press Secretary, Earthjustice, (202) 745-5221