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Earthjustice Condemns Rigged Farm Bill

Bill includes drastic cuts to conservation and nutrition programs
A farm near Clarinda in southwest Iowa.

A farm near Clarinda in southwest Iowa, where sustainable farming practices are used.

Brad Zweerink for Earthjustice
April 12, 2018
Washington, D.C. —

Today, Earthjustice’s Vice President of Policy and Legislation, Marty Hayden, released the following statement after the Chair of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, Mike Conaway, introduced his controversial draft of the 2018 Farm Bill: 

“Simply put, Congressman Conaway’s Farm Bill is a false start and should be sidelined. The bill includes drastic cuts to conservation and nutrition programs and giveaways to Big Ag that threaten our water, workers, wildlife and forests; provisions that will create an unnecessary partisan divide.

“Earthjustice stands with allies in the sustainable food, farmworker and farming movements and for a Farm Bill and a food system that is better for everyone. This starts with an acknowledgement of the basic human need for healthy food provided to millions of Americans through the farm bill’s nutrition section. We could take pride in a Farm Bill that looks to the future, acknowledging this fundamental need while safeguarding farmworkers, clean water, clean air, the climate, forests, and wildlife. We deserve a fresh start to the Farm Bill, not a false one.” 


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