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Natural Resources Majority Pushes Pro-Extinction Bills 48 Hours Before Recess

Package of legislation designed to gut protections under the Endangered Species Act
A bald eagle.
Photo courtesy of Mark Dumont
September 26, 2018
Washington, D.C. —

During the final hours before breaking for congressional recess, House Republicans on the Natural Resources Committee rushed to consider a slate of bills aimed at undermining the protections afforded under the Endangered Species Act. Polling indicates that 90% of American voters support the Endangered Species Act in its current form.

The following is a statement from Marjorie Mulhall, Legislative Director for Lands, Wildlife, and Oceans, at Earthjustice:

“The Endangered Species Act works. It has prevented 99 percent of species under its care from going extinct, including the bald eagle and grizzly populations near Yellowstone. Yet today, once again, some Members of Congress are catering to their special interest allies by seeking to undermine a popular and effective law.

“At a time that scientists are referring to as the ‘sixth great extinction,’ Congress should seek to improve the law’s implementation by fully funding recovery efforts for endangered species. We don’t have time to waste.”

In addition to the legislative hearing on these nine bills, this morning, the House Natural Resources Committee also passed an additional bill, H.R. 6784, that would block endangered species protections for gray wolves across the entire lower 48 states and block judicial review of that decision. And on Thursday, the Committee will vote on four of the nine anti-wildlife bills that are the subject of the hearing this afternoon. Earthjustice joined partners from throughout the environmental community in announcing opposition to each of the pro-extinction measures earlier in the week.


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