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Bush Roadless Repeal


In July 2005, the Bush adminstration repealed the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, a Forest Service regulation which generally prohibited logging, road construction, and other development on over 58 million acres of roadless land in national forests. Earthjustice challenged the repeal, and on September 20, 2006, a federal district court ordered reinstatement of the rule. Furthermore, on November 29, 2006, the court ordered the Forest Service to stop work on 84 oil and gas projects and an Idaho road project that had been approved during the five years that the roadless rule was illegally repealed. 

Case Updates

February 3, 2015 | Explainer

Timeline of the Roadless Rule

A timeline of the creation of and fight to defend the National Forest Roadless Area Conservation Policy.

August 5, 2009 | Legal Document

9th Circuit Roadless Ruling (08/05/09)

Federal appeals court strikes down the 2005 Bush administration phony roadless rule, reinstates the prior 2001 Clinton era Roadless Rule.