Despite Controversy, Leavitt Nomination to EPA Approved

Pro-environmental Senators balk at Leavitt confirmation.


Joan Mulhern, 202-667-4500 x 223


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Cat Lazaroff, 202-667-4500 x 213

“The way that the Senate leadership and the White House rode roughshod over serious Senate concerns to force this vote is not a very ‘Enlibra’ way to start off Governor Mike Leavitt’s term at the Environmental Protection Agency. ‘Enlibra’ is a term coined by Governor Leavitt that he says means consensus and collaboration. There was no consensus and collaboration when the Senate majority brushed off the concerns and information requests of the Senators who objected to this nomination.”

“Governor Leavitt has the most anti-environmental record of any EPA nominee since the agency was created over 30 years ago. The EPA was created by President Nixon to be an independent voice to protect our air and water and the public’s health. Governor Leavitt’s record in Utah indicates that he will not be the voice we need to stand up for environmental safeguards against the Bush administration’s attempts to undercut these protections.”

“While Governor Leavitt speaks about his use of ‘balanced, open, and inclusive approaches’ to environmental protection, his record tells a different story. As Governor, he failed to enforce clean water, clean air, and toxic waste laws, and cut secret deals with President Bush to remove wilderness protections for tens of millions acres of public lands nationwide.”

“Putting someone with Governor Leavitt’s record in charge of the EPA — under a President with the worst environmental record we have seen in more than 30 years — is like throwing gasoline on a fire.”

“We are thankful that there are some members of the U.S. Senate that care about clean water, clean air, and safe communities, and who voted against making Governor Leavitt the next head of EPA. All Americans who value clean air and water should thank the Senators who voted against the Leavitt nomination.”

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