Court Denies Polluters' Attempts To Stall Limits on Climate Change Pollution


Rules for cleaner cars and power plants can move forward


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This afternoon, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia denied all industry motions to stay key actions by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to curb climate change pollution, scientifically found to endanger human health and welfare. This court decision allows the EPA to continue implementing its rule requiring new cars to be dramatically cleaner and more fuel efficient, and rules to require common sense limits on greenhouse gas pollution from huge new power plants and factories.

The following is a statement from Earthjustice managing attorney David Baron, who along with others, represented Environmental Defense Fund as an intervenor in opposing these stay motions:

“We’re glad the Court rejected these baseless attempts by polluters to stall progress toward cleaner cars and safer air. The facts show that climate change pollution is major threat to us and our children, and that delay in attacking the problem just isn’t acceptable. The facts also show that we can take strong, commonsense steps to curb climate pollution without harming businesses or the economy.

“It is time to get on with the business of cleaning up our air, protecting America’s future, and creating clean-energy jobs.”

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