House GOP Attack On Environmental Protections Stalled For Now

Fight over slashing safeguards for water, air, species, lands in EPA spending bill dead for now, but may resume in September


Jared Saylor, Earthjustice (202) 667-4500, ext. 213

The House of Representatives delayed action on an important federal spending bill for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior, the Forest Service and other federal agencies that was full of cuts to important environmental protections and stuffed with anti-environmental legislative riders.

The following statement is from Martin Hayden, vice president of policy and legislation at Earthjustice:

“The Republican attack on environmental protections has subsided for now. But like a bad zombie movie, this bill is apt to rise again to terrorize our communities and neighbors. The unprecedented attack on the environment led by the GOP would slash protections for mothers and unborn children from mercury, allow more asthma—causing pollution from power plants, more manure and fertilizer into our waters, uranium mining that will threaten the Grand Canyon and much more.

“The House has left Washington D.C. for the rest of the summer, but that does not mean an end to this attack. While it is possible that this bill and many of the same riders may return for debate and a vote in September, the actions of the last few weeks by the House Appropriations Committee and by the full House have provided a glimpse into the depths this Congress will go to serve the interests of polluters and sacrifice protections for health and the environment. Even if this particular legislation never passes, the actions of House Republicans to gut environmental protections will not stop unless the American people make their voices heard.”

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