House Passes Bill to Gridlock Federal Rulemaking Process

Would affect public health, worker safety, environment and other protections


Raviya Ismail, Earthjustice, (202) 745-5221

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed by a vote of 253–167, H.R. 3010, known as the “Regulatory Accountability Act.”  The bill attempts to gridlock the federal rulemaking process established by the Administrative Procedures Act with more than 60 new procedural and analytical requirements as well as impose sweeping new standards that seek to override at least 25 public health, worker safety, environmental and other laws.

The following statement is from Martin Hayden, Earthjustice Vice President of Policy and Legislation:

“H.R. 3010 will place our nation’s public health, work place and environmental protections on a hamster wheel of horror. Any proposal that miraculously manages to survive the new approval process for a rule will face near certain death in the courts as a result of this bill.”

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