House of Reps Want Coal Ash Pollution to Continue Unabated

Procedural vote puts pressure to pass coal ash “rider” in massive transportation bill


Lisa Evans, Earthjustice, (781) 631-4119

The U.S. House of Representatives used a procedural move to pressure conference committee members in both chambers to adopt an unrelated and dangerous rider on coal ash in the transportation bill that is set to expire at the end of this month. The following statement is from Earthjustice attorney Lisa Evans:

Massive cleanup operations of the Kingston, TN coal ash spill. (TVA)

“The House is back at it again, willingly ignoring the deadly poisons that are contaminating water supplies from coal ash dumps and putting legislation designed to provide millions of American jobs at risk. Today’s symbolic vote has no real impact, but sends a clear message to millions of Americans who are exposed to coal ash pollution: 260 Representatives who voted for this nonsense don’t care about your health. Members of both parties are responsible for this abomination, and it’s time the EPA moves forward with federally enforceable safeguards that will protect public health. If we leave it up to our elected officials, the nearly 200 cases of water contaminated by coal ash will only get worse, more sites will become contaminated, and impacted communities will continue to bear the burden of this poisonous legacy. We don’t need another disaster like the one in Kingston, TN.

“This unrelated amendment is not only ensuring that coal ash continues to poison our communities, it poisons a much-needed transportation bill and puts at risk the 2.9 million jobs that this legislation will provide.”

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