Wyoming Asks Supreme Court to Hear Roadless Rule Case

Earthjustice will be there to defend forest protections


Tim Preso, Earthjustice, (406) 586-9699

Today, the State of Wyoming announced its intention to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to consider hearing its challenge to the landmark Roadless Rule, which protects 50 million acres of pristine National Forest lands. Wyoming lost its challenge to the rule before the Denver-based 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in October. Earlier this month, Wyoming lost again when the 10th Circuit refused the state’s request to reconsider the October ruling.

Mt. McDougal, Wyoming Range. (Lloyd Dorsey)
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A large number of Earthjustice attorneys have worked since 2001 to defend the protections embodied in the Roadless Rule. Bozeman, Montana attorney Tim Preso is one and issued this statement.

“For a decade, Earthjustice has opposed Wyoming’s efforts to derail the popular Roadless Rule, which protects some of America’s best National Forest lands. Earthjustice will continue to do so before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals thoroughly rejected every claim the state of Wyoming raised against the Roadless Rule. We think the 10th circuit got it right and will explain that to the Supreme Court.

“This is a situation where two federal appeals courts, the 9th and 10th circuits, both agreed that the Roadless Rule is legal. Earthjustice is prepared to defend those decisions and make sure that protections for wild forests stand.”

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