Earthjustice on IPCC Report: We Need Bold Action Now to Avoid Climate Catastrophe

President Biden and Congress must make transformational investments to accelerate our transition to zero-emissions and 100% clean energy


Miranda Fox,

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) today published a major report on the climate crisis that underscores the threat we face and the urgency of action. The report comes ahead of a critical UN climate summit this fall. 

The following is a statement from Jill Tauber, vice president of litigation for Climate & Energy:

“The IPCC’s report confirms what we are seeing across the globe: the climate crisis is here and is an existential threat. We need to urgently and dramatically cut pollution to preserve a livable planet. 

“President Biden, Congress, and leaders at every level must take bold action now to move towards a zero-emissions and 100% clean energy economy that works for everyone. That means passing legislation that centers environmental justice, cleans up pollution, and invests in climate solutions. We must put an end to dangerous fossil fuel projects that threaten communities and lock us into decades of more greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. needs to adopt and enforce strong pollution control standards to protect our health and environment. 

“Our leaders must meet the moment and fulfill the promises of the Paris Agreement. Earthjustice will continue to use the power of the law to hold them accountable and protect people and the planet.”

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