Earthjustice Praises New Electric Vehicle Affordability Actions

New Investments and Tax Guidance from the Biden administration will expand EV options and charging infrastructure to high-need areas


Geoffrey Nolan,

Today, the Biden administration announced new actions and investments to expand EV affordability and build out reliable charging infrastructure in high-need areas. The $325 million investments announced by the Departments of Transportation and Energy will upgrade and replace non-operational chargers and reduce the costs of installing charging infrastructure in underserved communities. This announcement further builds on the landmark transportation investments the Biden administration has already made, including nearly $1 billion in grants for electric school busses announced earlier this month.

Additionally, the Departments of Treasury and Energy released intended definitions for the Inflation Reduction Act’s 30C tax credit that will make the credit available to two-thirds of Americans. The tax credit provides up to 30 percent of the cost of installing an EV charger in low-income communities and non-urban areas.

After the announcement, Earthjustice Legislative Representative Athena Motavvef issued the following statement:

“Today’s announcements are great news for all of us, but especially the millions of people and businesses in communities that are facing some of the worst impacts of air pollution. Under this guidance, more people in high-need areas will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act and conveniently access and install affordable EV charging infrastructure. For people living with dirty, unbreathable air in neighborhoods near freight zones and ports, this will incentivize significant investments in zero-emission truck stops, intermodal facilities, and warehouses, which will deliver cleaner air and better health outcomes. As climate change and air pollution continue negatively impacting the health and well-being of communities across the country, we’re thrilled the Biden administration is continuing to invest heavily in the transition to a zero-emission transportation sector and a clean energy future.”

A public electric charging station.
A public electric charging station. (Chuyin / Getty Images)

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