Media Contacts

Connect with Earthjustice’s media team to request interviews with Earthjustice lawyers and policy experts and to learn about our groundbreaking casework. Find experts by region or issue.

Zahra Ahmad
Media relations for toxic exposure and health, and environmental issues handled by the Washington, D.C., regional office

Timna Axel
(773) 828-0712
Media relations for Midwest environmental issues and Tribal partnerships

Rebecca Bowe
(415) 217-2093
Media relations for lands, wildlife, and oceans issues

Jackson Chiappinelli
Media relations for federal public lands, oil and gas drilling, and wildlife policy issues

Nydia Gutiérrez
Media relations for Northeast environmental issues, and agriculture and pesticides issues

Erin Fitzgerald
(215) 671-6529
Media relations for clean air & water, detention centers, lead exposure, toxic chemicals & pesticides, U.S. Supreme Court

Miranda Fox
Media relations for environmental issues handled by the California and Mid-Pacific regional offices

Julie Hauserman
(850) 273-2898
Media relations for Florida environmental issues, federal oceans and marine wildlife issues

Elizabeth Manning
Media relations for Alaska and Pacific Northwest environmental issues

Kathryn McGrath
(202) 516-6932
Media relations for coal, clean energy, International environmental issues

Geoffrey Nolan
(415) 283-2323
Media relations for federal legislation and Earthjustice Action

Dustin Renaud
Media relations for Gulf of Mexico environmental issues and fossil fuels issues

Linda Rogers
Media relations for charitable giving and marketing

Alexandria Trimble
Media relations for clean energy and transportation, climate change, fossil fuels infrastructure, and petrochemicals / plastics issues

Perry Wheeler
(202) 792-6211
Media relations for Northern Rockies, Rocky Mountain, and biodiversity issues

Robert Valencia
(212) 845-7376
Contacto de prensa en Español; media relations for Latinx / Hispanic issues

Lauren Wollack
Media relations for courts, executive leadership, federal policy, and general inquiries

Zoe Woodcraft
(818) 606-7509
Media relations for the Right to Zero campaign, including policies to electrify everything from transportation to buildings, and issues such as hydrogen and renewable natural gas