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May 22, 2020 | Legal Document

DTE: Settlement Agreement

The provisions of this Agreement shall apply to and be binding upon the Sierra Club and upon Detroit Edison and their respective successors, assigns, or other entities or persons otherwise bound by law. This Agreement may be assigned by Detroit Edison to another entity in connection with the sale or transfer of the River Rouge, Trenton Channel, or St. Clair power plants, and Detroit Edison shall be relieved of its obligations hereunder with respect to River Rouge, Trenton Channel, or St. Clair power plants if any of those plants are sold, transferred, or assigned, on and after such sale, transfer, or assignment provided that the purchaser, transferee, or assignee executes an assignment agreement as a condition of the sale, tran sfer, or assignment and agrees in writing to be bound by and liable for all of Detroit Edison’s requirements in this Agreement being assumed. This Agreement is not assignable by the Sierra Club.

May 22, 2020 | Legal Document

DTE: Agreement Motion and Memorandum

Pursuant to ¶ 121 of the proposed Consent Decree that was lodged with the Court on May 14, 2020, ECF No. 266-1, Sierra Club hereby submits for entry the Separate Agreement between it and Defendants DTE Energy Company and Detroit Edison Company (collectively “DTE”), which is attached as Exhibit 1. The Separate Agreement provides additional air quality and public health benefits to communities in Southeast Michigan that have been heavily impacted by pollution from DTE power plants and other industrial sources.

May 4, 2020 | Artículo

Justicia En Tiempos De Dos Crisis: El COVID-19 Y el Cambio Climático

A medida que los impactos del cambio climático y la pandemia empeoran, las injusticias sistemáticas de larga data continúan beneficiando a las grandes corporaciones por encima del bienestar de todos y todas. Sin embargo, podemos recorrer un camino más justo.