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Climate Change

The Latest On: Climate Change

November 8, 2019 | Legal Document

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: Pre-Hearing Brief, North Dakota PSC

To the North Dakota Public Service Commission. In the Matter of Dakota Access, LLC Consolidated Application for an Amended Certificate of Corridor Compatibility and Amended Route Permit; Dakota Access Pipeline Pump Station - Emmons County Siting Application (Case. No. PU-19-204, OAH File. No. 20190280)

October 30, 2019 | In the News: Rolling Stone

Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’ Is Getting Even More Toxic — But Residents Are Fighting Back

Corinne Van Dalen, Attorney, Earthjustice: “This is a massive operation, and the conversion by these giant crackers creates tons of greenhouse gases, as do the plants generating their electricity, greatly worsening the climate crisis. The government is courting and just greenlighting these facilities without any real appreciation of what they’re allowing into their community, just over one mile from an elementary school.”