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The Latest On: FOIA

January 10, 2006 | Legal Document

Otero Mesa FOIA Complaint

Tries to acquire documents relating to the government’s plan to open unroaded wild areas of the Otero Mesa to oil and gas drilling (May 13, 2004)

January 10, 2006 | Legal Document

CA Spotted Owl FOIA Request

Seeks to obtain documents under the Freedom of Information Act related to USFWS's decision to not protect the California spotted owl (Sept 2, 2003)

January 10, 2006 | Legal Document

Klamath FOIA

Seeks documents disclosing White House political pressure on decisions that led to the death of over 33,000 adult salmon in the Klamath River in September 2002 (August 6, 2003)

January 10, 2006 | Legal Document

Wilderness Inventory FOIA

Charges the DOI with illegally withholding documents concerning a deal struck in secret that prohibits government identification and protection of wilderness-quality lands on more than 150 million acres (August 27, 2003)