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The Latest On: Forests

January 1, 2005 | Case

Protecting Viable Wildlife Populations

Earthjustice successfully challenged the Bush administration’s efforts to gut a law that requires the Forest Service to maintain viable populations of wildlife species in national forests.

June 17, 2003 | Case

Protecting California’s Sierra Nevada from Logging

Earthjustice challenged the revised Sierra Framework, which would triple the volume of logging on the eleven national forests in California's Sierra Nevada, while eviscerating species protections contained in the original plan.

May 12, 2002 | Feature

The Forest and the Trees

Starting after World War II, and accelerating rapidly with the administration of Ronald Reagan, the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest were being felled at a rate that would seem to make them disappear altogether within decades. Litigation to save the northern spotted owl from extinction slowed the rate of logging dramatically in the nick of time.