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The Latest On: Salmon

November 5, 2007 | Reference

List of Pesticides Harming Salmon

List of 37 active pesticides ingredients that the EPA determined are "likely to adversely affect" ("LAA") or "not likely to adversely affect" ("NLAA") 26 species of salmon

April 16, 2005 | Case

Recovering Columbia/Snake River Salmon

For decades, Earthjustice has been fighting to keep endangered salmon in the Columbia River and its main tributary, the Snake River, from going extinct. The major threat is a system of dams that hinders salmon migration. We’re litigating for better operation of the dams and advocating for the ultimate removal of four outdated dams on the lower Snake River.

October 6, 2004 | Case

Protecting Spawning Salmon in Butte Creek

Earthjustice has been involved in a long-running tussle with Pacific Gas and Electric and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission over the amount of water left in Butte Creek to benefit spawning spring-run king salmon.