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July 14, 2017 | In the News: Public News Service

Groups Sue EPA Over Clean-Air Delay

Seth Johnson, Attorney, Earthjustice: "Every state in the country did what they were supposed to do. Now, it's time for EPA to do what it's supposed to do, and that is to issue designations under the statute and start the implementation process. ... EPA's independent science advisers unanimously said that the 2008 standard was too weak to satisfy the statutory requirements."

July 12, 2017 | Letter

Letter to DOJ & Opposing Counsel Regarding Sec. Zinke's Visit to Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

From Earthjustice and Western Environmental Law Center. "It is disturbing that the Secretary has planned several meetings with parties opposed to the Monument’s expansion and who have engaged in litigation challenging the expansion, without public notice to organizations and entities that support the Monument, including Senator Wyden, Senator Merkley, and Governor Brown."