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Trump Administration

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January 25, 2017 | In the News: High Country News

Breaking Down Trump’s Dakota Access Decision

Jan Hasselman, Attorney, Earthjustice: “This is another action in a long history of sidestepping treaty rights and trampling on the rights of indigenous people. If this is how the Trump administration is going to be approaching issues in Indian country, it’s going to be a long four years.”

January 24, 2017 | In the News: NBC

Environmental Activists Respond to Donald Trump's First Days in Office

Abigail Dillen, Vice President of Litigation for Climate & Energy: "These attacks on clean air, and clean water, and climate protection are going to prove very unpopular because people can fight back, and they will fight back, and we'll be right there with them in the courts ... One thing that is central to our democracy is that no one is above the law, including the president."