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Chlorpyri-wha? The Toxic Pesticide We All Eat

If you’ve ever eaten an apple, broccoli, corn or any number of the most common fruits and vegetables grown in the United States, you've definitely been exposed to the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos. (En Español)

Chlorpyri-wha? The Toxic Pesticide We All Eat

The problem is, years of scientific studies have linked prenatal and early life exposure to chlorpyrifos with neurodevelopmental conditions, lower IQ, attention deficit disorders, and lower birth weight in children.

Earthjustice and our partners have fought to convince the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban chlorpyrifos. In 2016, the agency agreed to do so. Then, President Donald Trump appointed an EPA administrator who refused to implement the ban, falsely claiming the science around the pesticide was unresolved. The U.S. EPA continues to drag its feet, so we continue to fight.

Our Clients: League of United Latin American Citizens; Pesticide Action Network North America; Natural Resources Defense Council; California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation; Farmworkers Association of Florida; Farmworker Justice; Greenlatinos; Labor Council for Latin American Advancement; Learning Disabilities Association of America; National Hispanic Medical Association; Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste; United Farm Workers.

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