Earthjustice: 25 Years in the Northern Rockies

The Northern Rockies region offers a last glimpse of wild lands and wildlife that have been eliminated from most of the world.

The region’s magnificent landscapes provide opportunities for both recreation and solitude; its resources have provided sustenance to human communities for thousands of years. Its intact, healthy ecosystems — the Greater Yellowstone, Crown of the Continent, and Salmon-Selway — are key refuges for wildlife. But they are also under increasing stress from habitat fragmentation, destructive development, and rapid global climate change.

Responding to these challenges is a hallmark of Earthjustice. Established in 1993 in Bozeman, Mont., Earthjustice’s Northern Rockies Office takes on cases to protect large, intact ecosystems, and to build ecosystem resilience by reducing pressures caused by oil and gas development, logging, road building, and off-road vehicle traffic.

We are committed to ensuring that our nation’s irreplaceable wild places and wildlife are preserved for future generations. Join us in the fight.