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Unfit to Lead the EPA

Donald Trump said that he wants to "get rid" of the EPA. And Scott Pruitt is the man he has chosen to destroy it.

Reject Scott Pruitt

Along a mostly party-line vote (52–46), Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s pick to lead our nation’s top enforcer of environmental laws will take office despite his open hostility to bedrock air and water protections like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, his refusal to turn over state documents and answer straightforward questions during his hearing process, and his many conflicts of interest resulting from the 14 times he has sued EPA to fight public health protections.

Scott Pruitt is a climate-change denier with a record of opposing rules that cut emissions from polluters. He is concerned with limiting the regulatory authority of the federal government, which he considers “intrusive.”

Explainer: What you should know about Scott Pruitt & the EPA

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