Visions of the Arctic

Of all the places Earthjustice works to protect, few are as iconic and misunderstood as the Arctic. At best, it conjures images of a distant, icy land sparsely inhabited by polar bears and walruses—beautiful, but removed from our everyday lives. At worst, it’s a frozen wasteland devoid of life but rich in oil, a place to exploit at will. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The Arctic is a thriving, diverse landscape filled with life. Here, caribou in the hundreds of thousands still embark on epic migrations across mighty rivers and coastal plains. And here, wetlands, lakes and oceans teem with life, supporting whales, polar bears, seals and waterfowl.

A film presented by Earthjustice, and produced by the acclaimed photographer Florian Schulz and Emil Herrera-Schulz.