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  • This fall, our nation took a huge step forward to a more just food system for all. "In working together, we can secure change," says Earthjustice's Andrea Delgado.
    Dave Getzschman for Earthjustice
  • Of all the places Earthjustice works to protect, few are as iconic as the Arctic. Experience the diverse, thriving landscape of the Arctic.
    Paul Nicklen / National Geographic Creative
  • Earthjustice has been fighting for that right: in court, in Congress, and with you for over 40 years.
    Randy Olson / National Geographic Creative
  • Of the Grand Canyon, President Teddy Roosevelt said, "Leave it as it is ... The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it." Protect the Grand Canyon for this and future generations.
    Michael Quinn / National Park Service

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