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  • The EPA has recommended strengthening health protections from ozone, known as smog. But the proposal—while a step in the right direction—doesn’t go far enough to protect people’s lungs.
    Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice
  • Earthjustice has been fighting for that right: in court, in Congress, and with you for over 40 years.
    Randy Olson / National Geographic Creative
  • Coal ash is the toxic remains of coal burning in power plants. It poisons our water and kills wildlife. A new report documents how chemicals from coal ash reuse have made their way into drinking water supplies.
    Photos courtesy of Waterkeeper Alliance
  • Your voice can make a difference in bringing about stronger safeguards for our health and environment.
    Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice

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Our mountains, rivers and wildlife belong to all and so too must the power of justice belong to all those who desire to protect our nation's natural treasures. Working together, we will continue holding accountable those who would harm the environment and our communities, and we will continue to ensure that the earth has a good lawyer. Join our fight.Trip Van NoppenPresident, Earthjustice