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  • Each fall season, sea animals on migratory journeys, as well as year-round residents, converge in the bountiful waters of California's Monterey Bay. This year, you can join them—live.
    Photo courtesy of John Krzesinski
  • Earthjustice has been fighting for that right: in court, in Congress, and with you for over 40 years.
    Randy Olson / National Geographic Creative
  • Every day, farmworkers across the county are exposed to a toxic brew of chemicals. One of those impacted communities is Lake Apopka, Florida.
    Dave Getzschman for Earthjustice
  • The Arctic is a thriving landscape filled with life. For the sake of our world and irreplaceable species, there should never be offshore oil and gas development in America’s Arctic Ocean.
    Paul Nicklen / National Geographic Creative

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Earthjustice is fighting the approval of 2,4-D, a toxic pesticide cocktail for use on genetically engineered crops. Help us win!

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September 1, 2015 | Blog Post

Ben & Jerry’s Joins Fight for GMO Food Labeling

Ben & Jerry’s joins other Vermont businesses and consumer groups in defending Vermont’s new labeling requirements for genetically engineered foods against a federal court challenge brought by the food industry.

August 27, 2015 | Blog Post

Big Blue Live Is Reality TV Worth Watching

Big Blue Live is a groundbreaking live, three-night television event sponsored by Earthjustice, celebrating some of the world’s most amazing marine creatures converging in the Monterey Bay.

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