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White House Propaganda and the Environment

Today Americans first learned that former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has written a tell-all book about his years in the Bush Administration.

According to press accounts, the administration was less than candid with the American people. McClellan now believes he told numerous untruths on behalf of the administration. While the administration will certainly dispute McClellan's account, the whole issue begs the question.

If the Bush administration was not straight with the American people about war, the economy, etc... what untruths were told by Mr. McClellan with regard to the environment?

Let's go to the record for a sample of statements on the environment.

Clear Skies Initiative (12/3/2003)

Scott McClellan: "The President believes that it's important for, one, Congress to act on his Clear Skies initiative that would significantly reduce the emissions for mercury, as well as Sox and Nox, the other two emissions under that Clear Skies initiative, that would reduce emissions by 70 percent."

On the administration's proposal for drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (5/13/2005)

Scott McClellan: "But one area where we can make a difference and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy is ANWR and expanding our domestic production capabilities, and making use of the new technologies that do it in an environmentally responsible way. When we're talking about ANWR we're talking about a very small footprint on the land there."

On addressing Climate Change (6/15/2005)

"The interagency process is much more than any one person, and the President is the one who drives policy and makes the decisions. And look at our record and look at our facts, because it's a strong record when it comes to addressing climate change.

On oil prices (4/25/2006)

"We will not tolerate price gouging, and that's why this administration has continued to act to make sure that when you have the spike in gas prices that there is not unfair manipulation of prices or any price gouging going on in the market."

Which of these statements by White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan are true and which were part of an ongoing campaign of deception?

You be the judge.

We may never know for sure.

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