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After the Circus Leaves Town

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30 September 2008, 10:33 AM

What's happened in Congress during the last two weeks on energy and drilling issues could send us several major steps backwards on the road to a clean and prosperous energy future.

As I write this, Congress—instead of passing measures to further increase fuel efficiency and reduce oil demand—is capitulating to the "drill, baby, drill" drumbeat. At midnight, two critical moratoriums will lapse: on offshore drilling and oil shale development in the West. At the same time, crucial tax incentives for wind and solar energy have yet to be renewed.

Earthjustice's Policy and Legislation team in DC have been in the thick of fighting provisions that would make America even more reliant on dirty fuels. Extraction and processing of these fuels—tar sands, oil shale and liquid coal—can produce more than twice the global warming pollution as conventional oil. Supporting these fuels through tax incentives is completely at odds with mandatory carbon reductions that Congress must enact if we have any chance of slowing global warming.

Proponents of "drill, baby, drill" have also proposed attacks on our environmental protections at the most fundamental levels. Blaming energy problems on lawsuits rather than on years of profoundly misguided policy, some members of Congress have introduced bills and raised the call to exempt energy projects from complying with environmental laws while stripping citizens of their right to enforce those laws.

I predict that over time, Americans won't stand for this and will realize that the "drill, baby, drill" chants were completely misguided. We are awake to the dangers of global warming, and we want real solutions. Scientists tell us that global warming and its impacts on wildlife and habitat will become a leading cause of species extinction over the next several decades, and that hundreds of species such as polar bears and sea turtles—along with coral reefs and other native habitats—are already being affected.

We know that clean energy technologies are out there, and more are coming, to counter the need for fuels that impose dire environmental costs. Yet Congress remains deadlocked on passing the tax incentives needed to give renewable energy a sound footing in the U.S. This most recent political circus will leave the future of offshore drilling, incentives for renewables, and a sound energy policy to the next Congress and the next President, and to the good sense of the American people.

When the debate resumes, Earthjustice will be pushing the new administration and Congress to restore protections for our coasts and to firmly place America on the path to a new energy future. An aggressive clean energy agenda coupled with a serious effort to more efficiently use the energy we have can create much-needed jobs here at home, save all of us money and help save the planet while we are at it.

This is ridiculous. I can only wonder who is paying Congress off, because I refuse to believe our country is run by idiots.

Offshore drilling and shale oil extraction are just short-term political measures to placate people who are upset with higher gas prices at the expense of the environment that we will leave to future generations.

I really hate heating about things like this. I makes me sick that the very people that r elected into out goverment to make "changes for the good of ALL people" turns into change for the good of a few rich people and corporations whos sole purpose is to make more money no matter what the cost.

I signed every petition I could and made several phone calls to stop every kind of oil extraction. As I see it the Congress has their heads stuck in the sand.

Just a note: the Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has a slogan "Keep the oil in the soil." I wish the Democrats had a slogan that protects our environment instead of meekly going along with "drill, baby, drill."

The system cannot start soon enough to be any benefit to the oil requirements for years. Put the monies into alternative fuels/sources now and let the system work.

When people quit worshiping the Creator why do think they start worshiping the creation?
Rom 1:22 Professing to be wise, they became foolish
Rom 1:23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into a likeness of an image of corruptible man, and of birds, and four-footed animals, and creeping things.
Rom 1:24 Because of this, God gave them up to impurity in the lusts of their hearts, their bodies to be dishonored among themselves,
Rom 1:25 who changed the truth of God into the lie, and worshiped and served the created thing more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

We need to be careful in using the term "development" in "oil shale development". This is a positive term and undermines your message. The reader may ask, "Why is he against development?" "Extraction" is much clearer, describing what is happening, and non-judgmental.

NO WAY!! I'm against off shore drilling, there are people that don't need to see a drilling rig off shore drilling what makes our eviroment worse than it already is, it's time for an alternitive to oil and gas.

I am disgusted. We need to get off oil, not desecrate our coast lines. Shame on Congress!

My name is Norma Palen from Clarkston,Michigan. Please veiw my You Tube video titled: PALiN Lies, by PALiN vs PALeN. I expose her lies as well as her misguided push to off shore drilling and drilling in ANWAR. A must see video. Please pass on. link below:

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