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Bloggers Take Notice of Cement Kiln Mercury

We've been seeing some great coverage of the EPA's plan to cut mercury from cement kilns. Lots of bloggers have taken notice. Here are a few posts about our mercury campaign from around the blogosphere:

Treehugger wrote:

I doubt if any other nation regulates mercury emissions from cement kilns the way USA is about to. USEPA's just-announced progress on this front took a decade of work, several lawsuits by activists, a new EPA Administrator willing to obey the law, and a new Congress that doesn't (yet) bow to lobbyists and interfere with EPA. With all that build-up, the new, final USEPA cement kiln mercury control regulation is indeed a "sea change."

The New York Times Green Inc. Blog said:

James Pew, a lawyer with Earthjustice, an environmental law firm that had sued the E.P.A. on behalf of the Sierra Club after the agency missed a 1997 deadline to issue new emissions rules for the cement industry, said, "It's a very toothy law that will force all cement plants to meet the highest standards of pollution control."

The Earth First blog wrote:

The Feds have finally gotten serious about cracking down on mercury pollution produced by cement kilns. On April 21st, just in time for Earth Day, the EPA released new regulations that will cut airborne mercury pollution by 81%-93%&mdasha huge victory for environmental law firm Earthjustice, which has been fighting for regulation for years.

The Non-Toxic Kids blog said:

It is clear to me that we need better regulations of mercury from the multiple exposures we receive regularly. That's where Earthjustice and hopefully the EPA is stepping up to the plate. Earthjustice started a Mercury campaign called Cleaning Up Mercury, Protecting Our Health, and they have loads of information on the site that is helpful to all busy parents-- and ways to take action to protect all of us from mercury pollution and the health problems it causes.

Did you know that every state in the U.S. issues fish and wildlife consumption advisories, including information about fish with high levels of contaminants and the health risks they pose? Were you aware of advisories in your state? Share your comments below.

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