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Americans Believe U.S. Climate Action Will Generate Jobs

Contrary to the bleating of the pollution lobby, Americans believe new jobs would be created by U.S. efforts to address the climate crisis. This according to a new study conducted by AP and Stanford University.

On jobs: 40 percent of Americans say U.S. action to slow global warming would create jobs, while only 23 percent believe such action would reduce jobs.

On the economy: 46 percent said U.S. action to slow global warming would be a boost, as opposed to 27 percent who think it would hurt the economy.

The results of the poll are encouraging.

"The American people are ready to get started on this task, and are out ahead of our nation's leaders on this subject in many ways," said Sarah Saylor, Earthjustice senior legislative representative, about the new poll. "We've faced great challenges in the past and emerged better off as a people. We have every reason to expect history to repeat itself as we reduce carbon pollution and build a clean energy future."

Download the poll results here.

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