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Sabotage in Senate Over Climate Change

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18 December 2009, 5:36 PM
Senators try to stop EPA from reducing global warming pollution
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Photo by AFP.

Today, as world leaders, led by President Obama, struggled deep into the night on a plan to fight climate change, a handful of U.S. senators at home were trying to sabotage U.S. climate action. In league with long-time climate science deniers in Congress, they launched an effort to keep the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

Led by Alaska's Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R), this politically motivated attack targets an "endangerment finding" announced by the EPA on Dec. 7. Sen. Murkowski, aided by Sen. Lindsay Graham and others, are trying to pass a resolution that would nullify this finding.

Although Sen. Graham publicly favors Congressional action to combat climate change, his agenda has been infected by such long-time climate deniers as Sen. James Inhofe, whose only goal is to derail any U.S. action.

The endangerment finding—which is based on strong scientific consensus—states that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are a threat to human health and welfare, and paves the way for EPA to reduce global warming pollution from major sources like coal-fired power plants. It is a direct result of a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that found the EPA has the authority and a legal obligation to regulate global warming pollution using the Clean Air Act.

Sen. Murkowski would rob the country of this powerful tool to tackle global warming. Moreover, her action rejects overwhelming scientific evidence. And her resolution implies the EPA should ignore the clear intent of the Clean Air Act.

At a time when urgent action—and strong U.S. leadership—are needed, Sen. Murkowski would hinder our response to global warming. Our country, let alone our planet, cannot tolerate more delay. Sen. Murkowski's resolution must be rejected, and Congress must pass powerful climate change legislation as soon as possible.

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those people are out of their minds! global warming is going to kill us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good work! Your post/article is an excellent example of why I keep comming back to read your excellent quality content that is forever updated. Thank you!

I think we are all missing the point. Alaska needs jobs. The oil fields are maturing the construction activities and housing that comes with it are disappearing. The oil companies can and should - if for nothing better than good portfolio risk management and shareholder return - invest in the capital improvements and operating efficiencies that will meet and in alot of cases exceed the current EPA emission targets with this ruling.

... the return on investment in today's market conditions for capital improvements targeting energy efficiency and operating efficiencies are hoovering at 80% return over 2.5 years... find me an investment anywhere that results in that kind of return, plus protects the future of your production and refining assets from energy pricing fluctuations, improves your preventative maintenance results, in some cases results in de-bottle necking and efficiencies that increase thru put and results in 20-50% reductions in climate change emissions through out the supply chain... and puts welders, truckers, compressor salesmen , tool pushers back to work on the slope... and off the state coffers in Alaska...

What self serving profit mongering republican wouldn't want to say yes to that!

In hindsight, when we look back on this age of deteriorating air & water resources, and a limited window by which we could've taken action, I believe acts such as this will be deemed crimes against humanity.

This is INCREDIBLE! I can not phathom the republican's stand on global warming. I'm not sure what world/reality they are living in. Maybe, I'm the one living in a fantacy world? Please, Sen. Murkowski, Sen. Grahm, and Sen. James Inhofe wake me up from this horrible nightmare! Enlighten me to your wonderful world!
As a science teacher, I teach my students to be aware of their environment and how it has fallen victim to human ignorance. Yes, it is true humans and animals release carbon dioxide, but its done NATURALLY. Humans enhance the amount of carbon dioxide, UNNATURALLY, from the use of one's automobiles, by heating homes, offices, and buildings, which can be greatly reduced if we take serious action. We can eliminate the use of gas guzzling SUV's (why do we need such unnecessarily large vehicles, in the first place?!) by replacement with electric cars and hydrogen fueled cars or simply by WALKING to/from destinations. These have proven immediate help to the environment. We need clean air to breath properly and for human survival!!! No one wants to breath in polluted air. I'm sure the animals and plants don't either.
I believe our congressmen and crongress woman do NOT have the intestinal fortitude to withstand the pressure from lobbyists to lessen the regulations in the clear-air act. Our congressmen and congress woman do not represent the people anymore but represent one's personal greed. It's a great shame the common people vote confidently to put politicians in office, hoping they keep the promises made to clean up the environment and improve living helping the environment, as well.
What will it take for politicians to wake-up and smell the carbon dioxide which also poisons their lungs and put an end to pollution entirely and FOREVER???

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